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17 August 2009 @ 01:25 pm
Birthday present for my best friend 8D I need to improve my shading orz|||

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16 August 2009 @ 06:07 pm
Yeah, you'd think after working five shifts at McD's the customers would start appreciating your service?
RAAAAAAAAWRZ I'm so mad at customers.

Crime #1

An old man comes and barks: "Senior coffee! 72 cents!" I accidentally order him a senior coffee AND a small black coffee, which totalled 1.19. He's like, "NO! 72 CENTS!" And then, when I give him his coffee, he says, "That's not mine. I didn't want any sugar." ..wtf? I calmly say to him, "I put in the two cream you wanted, no sugar." And he stared and left.
I feel terrible because I gave him the bigger size of a coffee up. He ripped us off...NOOOOOOO.

Crime #2

An old woman (gosh, stupid old people) wanted some sort of chicken burger that you can order at breakfast. She gets mad because I'm "new". Excuse me for applying and making your meals. Without workers, you wouldn't get anything, you know? Anyway, I had to get Raniya, manager, who finished off the order. Later, I realize a senior coffee is actually a small cup (so I gave the old man a size bigger...NOOOOOOOO). Then, the old woman complains. "Well, that's too bad that McDonald's has such terrible training." WHAT THE F***!
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13 August 2009 @ 12:33 pm
So, who here thinks working at McDonald's is a laugh?
*raises hand*

I just started working there. Yesterday's shift was my second "official" one.
Number of times I had to call the manager: 3
Number of times I ran to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to face some certain people: 2
Number of times I messed up on orders: 2417407242349782323563415

Crime #1

A family approaches the till. The fat lady looks at me sullenly, while I smile wryly and say, "Hi, what can I get for ya?" (Yes, I say the "ya".)
And the fat woman proceeds to rattle off the order and excepts me to remember it all. So naturally, I mess it up. And I need the manager to redo it.

Crime #2

Weird gangster seniors walk up and demand the manager because drinks are supposed to $1...but, I thought they were only if YOU DIDN'T ORDER A FRIGGIN' VALUE MEAL. GOSHAMMIT. Guess who has to get the manager again?

Crime #3

A fat man (why are they all fat?) orders. I run over the order for him and he agrees. 10 minutes later, he demands a free Cinnamelt because I "forgot" it. Wtf? Run over to ask manager what to do. She kindly says, "He still has to pay for it." Ah, the complaints I got.

Crime #4

A very kind, tall man orders 2 cheeseburgers with tomato and lettuce. He was very courteous. Unfortunately, stupid guy in the back kitchen took 10 minutes to make his order, and then the man noticed that the burger had ONLY tomato and lettuce. My trainer, Shaynese, smiled, took the bag, then gave the evilest glare for the guy who messed it up. Good for you!

Crime #5

WTF. I noticed a group of guys from my school, my grade, who I dislike to the bottom of my heart, walk up to the till. Without thinking, I dashed off to the bathroom. Received scolding from trainer. Had to take Matt Na's order. "HEY, JENNI WUUU JENNI WUUUUU." =___=

Other than that, my shift was okay...(???)
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